About the auteurs


D.W.C. Christe MA
He was trained to becoming one of the youngest F-16 pilot's in the Dutch airforce when he got injured by accident. This incident ended his once promising career as a fighter pilot. So he decided to try his luck on the Art Academy in Rotterdam. When he finished as an architect (Cum Laude) he started design agency WAAC's. After five successful years, where they worked for international companies like i.e. Nike, Swatch, Sara Lee and many more, he decided to try his luck at DIESEL in Italy. After two years of skiing, lavish lunches, paragliding, some work  and fulfilling ...mmm... let's call it 'some secret assignments...', he was financially independent. So he went back to his hometown Rotterdam and became a monk to live in seclusion, until recently cause he run out op money. At this moment he takes his career to a next level: that of a successful writer of fantasy novels.
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H.H.P.M. Ritzen
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