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The Manual of Modern Pataphysics, Vol. 1 is about a forgotten art movement - pataphysics. This art movement was the first to use humor and absurdism and was at the origin of artistic trends such as Dada, Fluxus and Pop Art. The desire for freedom and questioning rules in general are the starting points of this movement.

Both authors, Dienand Christe & Henri Ritzen, make convincingly clear why a distinction between classical pataphysics and Modern pataphysics is relevant. Especially today.

This is not done in an art-historical way, but by 'showing it' and giving methods/exercises that are directly applicable in daily practice.

What can already be regarded as the standard work on this subject is a unique combination of an artist's book, a management book, a study book and a philosophical book with important life lessons.

With contributions of:

1) Arie van Vliet
2) Barry de Bruin
3) Dawn Oxenaar Barrett
4) Dingeman Kuilman
5) Geert Setola
6) Ruud van Empel
7) Stefan Ruitenbeek (KIRAC)
8) Susanne Helmer

- 372 pages
- 170 x 224 mm
- 1/3 Texts, 2/3 Full Colour Images
- High Quality print
- Soft Cover
- Otabind

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