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As a replacement for the Humorizer, Athmorizer developed the Multirizer ©. This can control different frequencies and, as the name implies, is multi-functional. Its compact size is very convenient and easy to take with you when travelling.

 This all-round device ensures that you no longer have to be sad and alone in your hotel room. The Multirizer © has a three-position switch that allows you to (A) have more fun alone, (B) meditate more deeply, or (C) experience a more powerful orgasm. When set to position H (Humour), the Multirizer © most closely approximates the humour potential of the original Humorizer.


So it’s up to you how you spend your day, evening or night.Specifications:

  • Operates on 220 volts. This is converted to a low 9-volt current.
  • Depending on the model, one or more LED indicators show that the device is switched on. The LED flashes when the device is charging.
  • Comes with user manual in several languages.
  • ABS plastic housing.
  • Packaging size h150 x w120 x d100 mm
  • Weight 228 g
  • IP certification IPX6
  • CE quality mark
  • Operating System N/A